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In recent years Eric began creating wood turnings from burls of New Mexico trees. Eric locates and harvests most of the wood burls used in his blurl wood hollow art form. The burls are harvested using environmentally friendly and sustainable methods. With the abundance of local Aspen, Chestnut , White Oak, Cottonwood, Alder, fruit and nut trees-the variety is astounding. He then prepares a design concept unique to each piece of wood. The results are awe inspiring! Eric has expanded his interest to woods from all over the world. In addition Eric will inlay Turquoise, Coral, Jet, and sometimes Silver to accent his work. With every piece he makes you are guaranteed to have a one of a kind. Nature provides the medium and Eric just brings out the beauty.

Cowboys and Indians is proud to offer handmade wood bowls by world renowned artist Eric Hester.

Eric is a designer and creator of mumerous exceptional turned burl wood art pieces. Eric is a classically trained European who studied art in Europe and the United States. Eric now works exclusively from his studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Please Call for Availability: (505) 982-8280

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